Cybersecurity Engineering Automation


Published on

October 5, 2022

The Company

Visa, like many large organizations, has a significant focus on cybersecurity to protect its sensitive data and systems from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity engineering automation refers to the use of automated tools and processes to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cybersecurity engineering tasks.

At Visa, cybersecurity engineering automation is used in several areas, including:

  • Vulnerability Management: Visa uses automated vulnerability scanning tools to identify potential security vulnerabilities in its systems and applications. These tools scan Visa's network and systems for vulnerabilities, and provide reports and alerts when vulnerabilities are identified. This helps Visa to quickly identify and address potential security risks before they can be exploited by attackers.

  • Security Configuration Management: Visa uses automated tools to manage security configurations across its systems and applications. This includes tools that automatically enforce security policies and configurations, as well as tools that provide reports and alerts when configuration changes are made.

  • Incident Response: Visa uses automated incident response tools to help identify and respond to security incidents. These tools can automatically detect potential security incidents, and provide alerts and reports to Visa's incident response team. This helps Visa to quickly respond to security incidents and minimize their impact.

  • Security Operations: Visa uses automated tools to support its security operations, including tools that help with log management, threat intelligence, and security analytics. These tools can help Visa to quickly identify potential security threats and take appropriate action to mitigate them.

    My Role

  • Managed the entire product development cycle of Cybersecurity Engineering Automation (DevOps) and Open-Source initiatives from requirements gathering to successful implementation.

  • Expertise in scrum/agile processes, coordinating projects amongst global teams (US, UK & India). Led the design effort for two cybersecurity dashboards ‘CyberVision’ & 'Endpoint' allowing for a unified monitoring of security tools like ForcePoint, McAfee Total Protection, etc.

  • Fostered an environment of technical excellence by motivating, mentoring and grooming engineers.

Cybervision Architecture

smart screen of death

Tech Stack: Angular 8, NgRx, TypeScript, Python – Flask, Microservices, NodeJS, MySQL, Node.JS, D3.js, Redis, OAuth, HTML5, CSS3, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstaash, Kibana).